Luonnon Syli



  • Amazing Race Välikylä (year round)
  • Outdoor training – Mawe (year round)
  • Fireartsschool (year round)
  • Cow milker liner golf (year round)
  • Here comes the shoot! (year round)
  • Walking with stilts (depending on the weather)
  • Carried Away by Wool (year round)
  • The king of the elfs! (winter season)
  • Band jams
  • Recording in the studio (by singing)
  • Recording in the studio with the band equipments and singing
  • Overnight riding trek
  • Tour of Kärsämäki
  • Lingonberry or wildherbtrip to nearby forest
  • Daytrip to lake Lamu
  • Blueberry trip to lake Lamu
  • Hunting trips (Moose and rabbit)

Overnight Riding Trek

350€/person, 2-5 participants

NB! Start at 12 am from Päivi’s stall (Kuusikuja 14, 86710 Kärsämäki), back in the same address the next day by 2 pm. 

Overnight trek by horses with Päivi’s stall islandic horses. The price includes accommodation at Koskenmökki or at Luonnon Syli’s lean-to’s, use of outdoor sauna, meals (welcoming coffee, dinner, supper and breakfast) and guided trek by Islandic horses. It is possible to stop to a farm to get some fresh milk from the cows and get to know traditional Finnish milk production.

Tour of Kärsämäki

50€/person, 8-12 participants
57€/person, 4-7 participants
Duration about 2,5 hours.
The price includes transportation and food. During the expedition we will grill sausage on campfire in Sydänmaa in rocky Laplander’s hut or drink coffee and eat a doughnut in local bakery Paakarin pysäkki as you wish. The tours sights are selected By the participants By following alternatives: Raudaskoski’s highlandcattle farm visit, stop in Koivuranta’s laplandscow farm, visit to shingle church or Engel’s wooden church.

Lingonberry- or Wildherbtrip to Nearby Forest

25€/person, 2-12 participants
Duration about 1 hour
The price includes a guided trip and the rent of a bucket and a picker.

Day visit to Traditional Finnish Summerhouse by the Lake

120€/person, 4-11 participants
Duration about 3-4 hours

The price includes guided trip with transportation, rent of a fishing rod, verified lunch by the campfire, visit to traditionally buit Finnish summerhouse, sauna and swimming in the lake. In order also possibility to boat-trip.
The lake Lamu is clear watered and beautiful.

Blueberry-trip to the Lake Lamu

60€/person, 4-11 participants
Duration about 3 hours
The price includes quided trip with transportation, a picker and a bucket rent and a fishing rod. Also coffee/tea with backed lunch included.


The lake Lamu is clear watered and beautiful.

Hunting trips

Moose and rabbits

We arrange hunting trips to Kärsämäki area as a grouphunt. You get to experience real traditional hunting with barking dogs and very experienced hunters.

Please ask for further information and prices by e-mail virpi (at) or by phone +358 442 357 131.

Winter Wonderland

50€/person, 2-15 participants

Duration about 1,5 hours, available on winter season when it´s snowy from November to March

The price includes a guided tour by foot in snowy landscape getting to know the snow element and what Finnish people traditionally do with snow. Includes the rent of snow sledge or slider to try out the most fun traditional way of sliding down the snowy hill of Suomela. Suitable for kids and adults. After the activities we drink hot chocolate and taste traditional Finnish gingerbread cookies with it. Possibility of seeing Aurora Borealis.

The Miracle of Ice in the Wild

150€/person, 2-10 participants

Duration about 3 hours (inc.the time of transportation about 1 hour), available on winter season from November to March

The price includes a visit to big lake area of Lamu in the middle of nowhere. You can walk on the ice (guide makes sure for the ice thickness on every visit) and see the unique silent winter-landscape. The price includes the visit in the traditional wooden Finnish summerhouse by the lake and some traditional snacks on campfire. You also learn how to move in the snowy environment and which equipments Finnish people usually use in the winter season. Possibility of seeing Aurora Borealis.

The Secret of Finnish Happiness

150€/person, 2-12 participants

Duration about 2 hours, available around the year

Getting to know the secrets of why Finnish people are the happiest nation of the world. Improves your knowledge of well being. The activity includes a little walk in the forest and getting to know the traditional Finnish ways of relaxing and maintaining balance in life. You learn the keys to happiness by sitting in a very atmospherical wooden lean-to´s in the forest while watching the campfire´s flames. Seasonal snacks including the price. On winter season there is a possibility of seeing Aurora Borealis.

My Day as a Real Finn

350€/person, 2-8 participants

Duration about 6 hours, available around the year

Hopping in a life of Finnish person for a day. Feeling, tasting, smelling and hearing the same as traditional Finnish people are. Very rare opportunity! Living in Finnish farm with farm animals, preparing and eating the local food, going to outdoor sauna, seeing the real home of Finnish family and getting to know the local people. Suitable for kids and adults. Super fun and unique experience! The price includes 1 meal and 1 coffee/tea with local delicatesses. On winter season there is a possibility of seeing Aurora Borealis. Finnish Christmas tradition NEW 150€/person, 2-6 participants Duration about 2 hours, available on winter season from December till January Traditional Finnish christmasmeal in a real home with a real family. Unique experience and unforgettable peek in a Finnish life and traditions.

Elfs of the Old Times

50€/person, 2-10 participants

Duration about 1 hour, available around the year

In Finland there used to be many elfs in the old times. Some of us still think the elfs exist in Kärsämäki. You hear the storys of different kinds of elfs, for example sauna-elf and the elf of farmhouse and maybe even see the Paanutonttu of Kärsämäki that lives in the local shingle church.

Fun with Snowshoes

50€/person, 2-10 participants

Duration about 1-1,5 hour, available on winter-season from November to March

Testing snowshoes and learn how to move with them. Fun sports that sure makes you laugh and offers you new challenges.