Luonnon Syli





12.8.2018 at 10am-17pm A drum making course Arto “Ukko” Hämäläinen as a teacher.





9.12.2021 Kärsämäki´s Christmas path event for families, free

11.12.2021 Farmday for kids from 6 to 12 years. Cooperation with 4H.


12.9.2020 Buy from the farm!-day at 10am-3pm.

31.8.2020 Farming club for kids and youngsters at 5pm-7pm, organized with local 4H.

21.7.2020 Empowering photo shoot for youth. Organized together with photographer Anna Alila and hairstylist Kirsi Kivi from Hyvän olon Werstas.

12.7.2020 Kärsämäki days. Outdoors activities for all ages.

29.6.2020 Open hey bee

14.2.2020 Valentine’s day open campfire at Luonnon Syli

13.1.2020 Farming club for kids and youngsters


21.12.2019 Luonnon Syli’s Grandma’s house open

20.12.2019 Luonnon Syli goes Kärsämäki’s local food market

30.11.2019 Luonnon Syli goes Kärsämäki’s Christmas season opening

23.11.2019 Luonnon Syli’s Grandma’s house open

16.11.2019 Luonnon Syli’s Grandma’s house open

4-7.10.2019 Luonnon Syli goes Poland, Jarozin

14.9.2019 Buy from the farm!-day at Luonnon Syli

5.9.2019 Luonnon Syli goes to local school for Polku maaseudulle-day

19.7.2019 Välikylä´s SAUNATUS open sauna’s & grandma’s house open

12-13.7.2019 Luonnon Syli goes Olkkonen´s hunting fair, Haapajärvi

12-14.4.2019 Luonnon Syli goes Tampere

1.3.2019 Luonnon Syli goes Poland, Poznan


11-12.12.2018 from 3pm to 6pm Christmastrail for families

1.12.2018 Luonnon Syli in Kärsämäki´s Christmas season opening

3.11.2018 Halloween event for families

8.9.2018 Sleep outdoors

1.9.2018 Open doors in Luonnon Syli, Children’s farm exhibit farmvisit destination.

25.8.2018 Open campfire in Luonnon Syli

24.8.2018 Luonnon Syli’s pop-up in Suomela

30.7.2018 Community singing in Luonnon Syli

16.7.2018 Opening of kids kiosk

10.7.2018 Open hey bee

26.5.2018 at 11am-3pm Opening day of Luonnon Syli, open doors to public. Free coffee and bun.