Luonnon Syli


Happy is the one who has time to live!
Otto Weiss

Close your eyes, breathe in and let yourself change!

Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer.
Dalai Lama

Leisurely time in the heart of the countryside

Enjoy an outdoor sauna’s soft heat, refreshing hot tub (“palju”) or spend an unforgettable night by campfire blazing in lean-to.


In Luonnon Syli you can take it easy and relax in peace. Far away from the noise of traffic, overcrowding and pollution, in the middle of Finland in Kärsämäki.

Join us on tours to nature in different themes. Jump on the horse’s back to go to forest route, collect special treats from the nature or hike the historical shepherd´s path through the forest to get fresh milk from the farm.

In order we arrange Kärsämäki’s sightseeing tours and opportunity to adore Highland cattle, Lapland’s cattle or local Churches. During the expedition we will drink coffee and eat a doughnut in local bakery Paakarin pysäkki as you wish.

Luonnon Syli

Salontie 160, Kärsämäki, Finland

Welcome to Luonnon Syli

We provide outdoors accommodation mainly in summer season from May till September for 1-12 persons. Rest and refresh in authentic countryside cabin by the river. You can also sleep by the campfire in the lean-to in the middle of wild nature. We also provide few affordable places for you to set up a tent of your own.

Luonnon Syli is located in a farms yard in its own peacefull shade.  You can rent the hot tub or traditional finnish outdoor sauna for your use and order ready meals. We use as much local ingredients as we can, also wild game as moose.

From the fall 2018 we arrange new experience services for groups from 5 to 50 people. We piece together an individual programme especially for your group. You will experience an unforgettable day!

Near our farm you can pick wild berries and wild herbs. You can discover nearby terrain by yourself by jogging or hiking in the forest. If you don’t want to do it by yourself we can arrange a quide for you. You are free to get to know our farmanimals: sheeps, chickens, rabbits, cats and dogs.

We also offer you some exotic experiences. You can hop on overnight riding trek with Päivi’s stall or hike historical shephard’s path with a quide through forest to Koskiakosken Ayrshire and buy fresh milk for crepes.

The authentic peace of the countryside

Luonnon Syli is peacefull and autentic destination for memorable countrysidetourism. There are one cabin and 2 lean-to’s face-to-face with their own fireplace in between that you can rent. Our activities are focused on summertime, but feel free to inquire also the facilities of wintertime. If you are seeking for extreme experiences you can stay overnight at the lean-to’s even in the middle of the winter in the shield of your sleeping bag!

About services

Taste the local food

In Luonnon Syli we arrange you foodservices from light coffee services to full dinners. We use as much local ingredients as we possibly can. We make most of the serves from beginning to end ourselves. There are also wild game available depending on the season, mostly moose.

We serve the food to your accommodation, to go as picnic in the nature or to cook together with the quide in the wilderness. As you wish!

We don’t serve alcoholic beverages.


Luonnon Syli is also a farm where you can participate in farmhouses work, the routine varifies trough the season including taking care of animals and fieldwork. We make traditional dryhay in small bales and that means haybees every summer while the sun cherish your skin. Experience the old times communality and romantic scenery among haywork.

If fysical effort is not on your favour we can arrange you a relaxing massage or refreshing facial  treatment done in Koskenmökki by local beauty salon Kauneustuulet. Can you imagine anything more relaxing than a pamper in the nature while the birds are singing and the river is racing on the background?

As a new service we provide tailored experience packages for groups. The packages can varie as you wish. It can contain different activities from exciting tailored programmes to exotic meals. Don’t be shy to ask for an offer!

Check out also the other activities on “Tours” and “Other services” tabs.