Luonnon Syli



Jewelry and other items made of petchichens and petpheasants feathers. The feathers are mainly collected when molt so the animals whose feathers are used still runs around happily. Not single one of our birds have died or suffered because of the loss of the feathers. Thou we have taken to useful purposes the feathers from a bird that dies in natural couses.




Other HarakKana-products

Besides of the jewelry we make seasonally also other products. For example glassballs with feathers inside, dreamcatchers and indian headware like headband.

We also sell feathers unfinished to customers.



In every jewelrybox there are information within whose feathers have been used in that specific product.

Some example pictures of the products and the donators of the feathers:

You can also order HarakKana-products of the feathers you wish. Contact us By the contactform, e-mail, Facebook or By phone and let’s desing a unique product for you!

More pictures and prices of the jewelry and other products you will find on Luonnon Syli’s facebook-page.